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Want to take control of your financial freedom. You can still invest in Retirement Annuities and Unit Trusts but why not start off learning how to choose a few stocks for your own portfolio. What if you had invested in Google, Apple or Berkshire Hathaway instead of a Unit Trust what would your returns have been. Its not difficult to construct a diversified portfolio which means you have several stocks/shares in case 1 or two don’t do that well. All investments should be over at least a 3-5 year time horizon but normally even longer as the sharemarket can move sideways or down for a year or longer and then quickly move up in a matter of weeks taking your returns from 0% to 20% very quickly. This is why a Buy and Hold Investment Strategy often beats Trading Portfolio’s as you generally need to time your entry and then hold so as not too miss out on these massive moves which happen very quickly.

You will learn about averaging your investment which means slowly investing into your desired portfolio so as not too catch the market at a bad time. If you time the market wrong it will just mean you need to wait longer for a return.

Stick to large companies or Blue Chips to start with and then once you get the hang of it you can move to Penny Stocks which are smaller companies but with greater risk and return.

So get ready for your first free course below. If you wish to get a few books to help you along we have selected a few of the best investment books around, you can purchase these below on Amazon. Learn from the great investors like Warren Buffett.

Stock Market Foundations Cover

So you have completed the first course, take a look at the second FREE course below which teaches you the basics of creating a portfolio.