• Best Stocks To Buy On The Sharemarket
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    Choosing The Best Stocks To Buy

    Stock picking is a very complicated process and investors have different approaches. However, it is wise to follow general steps to minimize the risk of the investments. This article will outline these basic steps for picking high performance stocks.  So How Do You Choose The Best Stocks To Buy ? Step 1. Decide on the time frame and the general strategy of the investment. This step is very important because it will dictate the type of stocks you buy.  Suppose you decide to be a long term investor, you would want to find stocks that have sustainable competitive advantages along with stable growth. The key for finding these stocks is…

  • Investing Vs Online Trading
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    Investing Vs Online Trading – Your Intention

    There is a question which is sometimes asked by those new to the financial markets, and even occasionally debated by experienced participants. That question is how one differentiates between investing vs online trading. Because both trading and investing – when one considers them from the perspective of the financial markets – are performed in very similar fashions, they are often thought of as interchangeable actions. Our Top 10 Investment /Trading Books will give you more insight from the best selling authors on Amazon on how to invest or trade. Both trading and investing, after all, are at the most simple of levels application of capital in the pursuit of profits.…

  • Online Share Trading Strategies
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    Online Share Trading Strategies For Beginners

    Anyone who knows anything about stock trading or day trading has heard the term ‘trading strategy.’ A trading strategy is a simple concept – it’s basically the roadmap that a trader follows while trading the markets. Online Share Trading Strategies are governed by a set of rules that do not deviate for anything other than market action. Faithfully following a sound trading strategy will provide you with your greatest weapon against your worst enemy – your emotions. With a trading strategy, you’ll know exactly when to buy and when to sell, regardless of what the market does or what your emotions are telling you. About Share Trading Strategies Every profitable…

  • when should you cut your losses

    Own Up That It’s Not Going To Go Up Soon

    WHEN SHOULD YOU CUT YOUR LOSSES Sometimes we all pick a share and we are convinced that we are right and everyone else is wrong when the share price refuses to confirm the value we have placed on the share through our meticulous or sometimes not so meticulous calculations. We buy more of the share at lower levels as we cannot believe how cheap the share is relative to our valuations. So rather then buy a share hitting new highs we concentrate on buying “bargains” at new lows. “The market is wrong” we keep saying as the share moves to new lows and sometimes this might be correct if its…

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    Managing Other People’s Money

    WHAT ARE THE BEST STOCKS TO BUY ? I managed private share portfolios for several wealthy individuals and we had small, medium and large cap portfolios each tailored to the individual’s risk profile. The problem with this approach is it might suit each individual investor but for the manager it becomes cumbersome and time consuming. So we decided to create 2 model portfolios one for small caps and one for medium/large blue chip stocks. Both approaches did well over time assuming the investor let the manager invest how he deemed fit. However this was not always the case though and many times clients wanted instant returns or to include a…

  • the ultimate buy and hold strategy

    It Takes Time To Build Wealth – Be Patient

    WHAT IS THE ULTIMATE BUY AND HOLD STRATEGY ? For Small Cap Investors there is very little chance of a quick return unless you know something (from management) the rest of the market doesn’t and they catch wind of this knowledge just after you have bought (otherwise known as Insider Trading !!) but for the majority of small cap investors it takes time. Sure you hit the lucky one where you buy and the stock rockets upwards by chance of a new deal being announced or some other good story but these are not that common. Being a small cap investor takes a lot of patience. Many a time you…