2 Day Forex Bootcamp In London


  • Taught by expert tutors
  • CPD Accredited Certificate of Achievement (upon successful exam completion)
  • Expert strategy & technical analysis
  • Theory and practical based learning
  • 12 months free access to weekly webinars

You Will Learn How To Trade Forex In 2 Days

Our 2 Day FX Bootcamp is an intensive programme, looking at the FX market from an institutional stand point. Learning from traders who have worked at some of the worlds most prestigious institutions, such as J P Morgan, Nomura International.

Would you like to learn how to trade the financial markets? The bootcamp is the perfect place to learn how to trade or to improve your current trading skills.The bootcamp will provide the foundations of trading multiple asset classes (Forex, Indices, Commodities), which will give you the key skills to make money from trading the financial markets. This course is taught by one of our top tutors and will contain theory and practice in an engaging environment. This course has been CPD accredited.

Who Should Select This Course

Most our students come from backgrounds with little or no experience in the financial markets. In some instances its better to teach blank canvass, the reason its unlikely you would have not picked up any bad trading habits. We only ask you to bring a laptop, good attitude and a open mind!

Can I Do This Course Online

No. This course is held over 2 days in London.

What Do I Get When Completed

You will receive a CPD Accredited Certificate of Achievement (upon successful exam completion)

Successful traders who show a profitable track record will be offered an incubation programme to become capital backed.

More information on this capital incubation programme can be found here.

What Is In The Course ?

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Technical Analysis
  • Price Expression – Candlesticks – Timeframes
  • Support & Resistance
  • Trendlines – Market pulses – Cycles
  • Moving Averages


Day 2

  • Indicators – RSI – Stochastic
  • Price Action
  • Trade Sizing
  • Reward to Risk
  • Trading and the News
  • Core Strategy – Intraday
  • End of Day Strategy
  • Trading Notes

When Can I Start This Course?

This course starts at different times throughout the year. Choose a date that suits you once you have signed up.

Who Teaches This Course

Course Tutor – Matthew Shaw

Matthew Shaw has over 18 years’ experience of trading in the world’s futures, options and foreign exchange markets.

He has developed sophisticated trading models and approaches particularly in relation to foreign exchange trading strategies.

Matthew has had success trading both for his own account and for private high net worth clients. He was once the head Fx/Commodities trader on behalf of a Billion-Dollar investment fund, trading one of their SPV’s.

He now provides a mentoring and training service for individuals trading their own accounts; including daily news & market analysis service.

Matthew was a regular contributor to the Investors Chronicle magazine.

How Long Does This Course Take ?

This is a 2 day course face to face with the tutor in London